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Across a million worlds nestled within the grand tapestry of the cosmos, mankind grips the earth with stubborn tenacity, finding homes in the most palatial spires, and the most unforgiving rocks whistling through the great void. From jungle death world to crowded underhive, from glacial blizzards of razor sharp ice, to the merciless light of binary suns that bleach radioactive deserts, humanity endures. By the will of the God Emperor, and the unflinching spirit common to all of human stock, the species plants its feet astride the interstellar darkness and dares the universe to remove them. The universe has yet to succeed in that goal, but we would be remiss to say it has not tried its hardest. One corner of our galaxy tells this story well; a tale of both the triumph and folly of mankind, its contradictory propensity for self destruction, and simultaneous will to survive no matter the odds. This place is known as the Gulf of Athena, a broad spread of roughly a thousand stars named by …

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